Trade Show Shipping Cases expanding line of protection cases and carrying tubes meets most graphics transporting and storage needs. Extra-rigid, roto-molded thermoplastic cases accommodate rolled graphic heights up to 72 inches. Our shipping cases are a great solution for protecting and transporting your valuable graphics and banner stands. Most of our banner stands come with padded travel bags or carry cases, but it's not recommended that you ship the banner stands in these bags without additional protection. Our shipping cases are a great solution, more durable option. If you need to ship multiple banner stands together, these hard cases are a great option. We have some models designed specifically for shipping banner stands, while others are more generic and can hold banner stands, small displays or rolled graphics. Our larger shipping cases, often used for pop up displays, are great for shipping multiple banner stands, and the Podium Case doubles as an attractive counter. Graphics cases solve this problem by providing a protected storage and shipping container that allows you to safely store and transport your graphics. Check out our Testimonials to learn more about what makes us different, and why you'll be happy you chose YouHuge.

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Smartpak IQ Trade Show Display Case

Smartpak IQ Trade Show Display Case Product DescriptionThe SmartPak IQ® case is blow molded in bright blue that allows the use of a higher density polyethylene than conventional roto molded graphics cases. This results in thinner walls and less...

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