Artwork Guidelines

Graphics are the make or break factor for grabbing attention on the trade show floor. Please use this section of our site to learn how to prepare and submit your artwork to us.

How to Prepare Your Graphics

We accept .ai, .tif, .eps or .pdf files. We do not accept InDesign files. 

All images must be embedded, not linked. Font must be embedded or outlined. We provide templates

for each of our items, excluding banners. If you do not have a template from us, please request before

sending art. Converting Fonts to Outlines

Vector Graphics

Scale - Vector files should be prepared at 100% scale. If the file is larger than the maximum size allowed by your vector graphics program, scale the artwork to 75%, 50%, or 25% to meet the program requirements.

Graphic Effects - Modern vector programs allow the use of many graphic effects like gradients and drop shadows. Vector based files with these effects will not be accepted due to several undesirable output issues. Vector graphics with effects must be rasterized before submitting. Bring your vector graphics into a raster graphic program and follow the instructions for raster graphics below.

Outline Fonts - Convert all fonts (text) to vector shapes. Please refer to your vector graphic program's manual for instructions on how convert text to a vector shape.

Save As - Save your vector graphics as an EPS file. High resolution PDF files from both PC and Mac software. We recommend exporting at the "High Quality Printing" setting. Before exporting as a PDF, convert all text to outline and embed all images. Include a screen shot or a.jpg proof for content.

Raster Graphics

Scale - Raster files should be prepared at 100% scale at 150dpi. If the art dimensions are larger than the maximum size allowed by your graphic editing program, scale the artwork to 75% at 175dpi, 50% at 300dpi, or 25% at 450dpi to meet the program requirements.

Layers - Flatten all layers into a single layer. Please refer to your raster graphic program's manual for instructions on how to flatten layers.

Save As - Save your raster graphics as a TIFF file using the following options:

  • Image Compression: LZW
  • Pixel Order: Interleaved (RGBRGB)
  • Byte Order: IBM PC
  • Layer Compression: Discard Layers and Save a Copy

Color Matching

PhotoShop files should be saved as a TIFF , EPS, or PhotoShop file. If there are "placed images" in Illustrator, Freehand, or QuarkXPress, be sure to send the support files so that the quality of the images can be checked. This is especially important for photographic or highly detailed images. DO NOT send Freehand or Quark EPS files unless you send the support files. Production cannot manipulate the content, proportion or color of these eps files. Illustrator EPS files are usable but result in files that are larger than necessary.

What Do I Do About Fonts?

Artwork File Types - Our production team is doing the best the very best to achieve the output that you expect.  There are a few requests that we have regarding file types and formats.
1. We can no longer accept InDesign files or Quark Files. Please export these files as" High Quality" or "Press Quality" PDF's and then ensure that you embed all images and outline all type.
2. Please ensure that all Illustrator ai. files and PDF files submitted have the images embedded and all type outlined. We prefer not to re-link image files in order to prevent costly errors.
3. If you are submitting a Photoshop PSD file with type layer, please rasterize the type layer so not to create a font issue.  
5. Keep text and important images inside RED area


What Resolution Do My Bitmap Files Need To Be?

The Graphics Department recommends printing all Inkjet graphics using images that have a minimum input resolution of 125 ppi and a maximum at 100% final size.

How Should I Save My File?

Save any Photo-Shop files as a PSD file in layers if you can.

What Colors Can I Use In My Layout?

The Graphics Department accepts RGB and CMYK files. Please indicate any color matches by specifying a PMS color that you would like to have matched.

What Are Some Things For Me To Consider Before Sending My Files?

  • Digital Inkjet processes can NOT replicate colors such as flourescents, neons, and metallics.
  • It is important to list critical PMS color matches for Inkjet prints in your files and on hard copies
  • Logos and type should be created in the same program since PMS colors can be different from one program to another (For example: Illustrators PMS 321 may not be the same as Quarks PMS 321)
  • Use one of the generic color spaces RGB, color match RGB.ICC, or PhotoShop 5 CMYK default when working in PhotoShop
  • If you are requesting a specific element to be color matched in a bitmap file, please send the layered Photoshop file along with that element on it's own layer

Can I Use Transparencies And Shadow Features In Illustrator?

Illustrator has some features that work unpredictably with the Graphics Department's large format rip systems. Although some of these features are great for web design, they increase the probability that what is produced, is not what the designer intended. Shadows are a problem and the Graphics Department recommends these be achieved through PhotoShop. PhotoShop has some great new features which work wonderfully. Not only do some of these features in Illustrator increase turnaround time, but images are produced with unexpected results. Illustrator also includes new color management features that do not work. Adobe is aware of all the frustrations that are being experienced. The Graphics Department recommends you do not use these features in Illustrator. Sending files created in Illustrator that do not contain either mentioned feature, is acceptable.

How to Submit Your Graphics

If you currently have a Hightail account associated with the email you would like to use, you will need to sign into Otherwise, a username and password is not required.

Click Here to Send Us a Graphics File >

Once you have placed your order and uploaded your graphics files, please fill out the form on our Contact page with your contact information, making sure to include your order number. Provide a brief description of your order, the graphics file(s) you've uploaded, and any other pertinent information.

Please Note: If we do not receive all of this information, we will not be able to determine who the graphics belong to, which will result in a delivery delay. The file types we prefer are a flattened TIFF, or PSD, EPS, and AI files.  Please be patient while your file uploads and wait for it to finish before closing your browser window.

After your order is complete and your file has been uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email from Hightail letting you know your file has been received. Please allow up to 48 hours for a proof to be sent to the email address you provided on the upload form.

For additional information, please get in touch.

Color Matching Services

All graphics will be printed in CMYK. If saved as RGB, art will be converted to CMYK when printed. If there is a PMS color you would like to match, please specify the color when sending your art. We can adjust the color in CMYK to print your PMS as closely as possible, but cannot guarantee an exact match. If you require color matching, it may add extra days to production and time for print proofs: please plan accordingly. If your project requires a Pantone color match, please referance the Pantone Solid Coated chart and make sure the color is included in the file. Pantone color matching proofs are at an extra cost. Due to different printers, ink and media, not all colors can be precisely duplicated. We strongly recommend ordering a print proof to approve any color matches. 
PLEASE NOTE: For a rich Black we recommend using the following values: C:60 M:60 Y:40 K:100

Electronic Proofs

Electronic proofs are provided via e-mail for all graphics.They are intended for layout approval only. Due to varying monitor and printer calibrations, electronic proofs may not depict accurate, final color output. Please be advised that our printers do not print spot colors. Call-outs are used only as reference and will be converted to CMYK prior to print. If your project contains critical color or you are printing across multiple types of media, please request a PRINTED PROOF. While this does add time and an additional cost to your project, it is the only reliable method of evaluating color prior to printing.

Physical Proofs

Physical proofs are available upon request for a fee. Fees are dependent on the material being printed. Be advised that physical proofs will slow down the production process by at least two or more business days. Please contact your Sales Associate to request a physical proof.

Proof Approval

Proof approval is required for all graphics. Approval must be received by 12PM PST the day after proofs are provided. Production will be delayed for proofs that are not approved on time. If you are unable to approve the proofs the production time line will be reset and will not be restarted until new artwork is submitted.


Unless Physical Proofs for color-matching have been approved, cannot guarantee accurate Pantone or other special color matching.