Xtension Squared 10ft pop up display ultimate frame-graphic technology!

Posted by youhuge on Nov 20th 2017

Xtension Squared 10ft pop up display

xtension.squared 10ft pop up display is the ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning display to increase your sales... in a SNAP! Easy to set-up and easy to use, Xpressions is the ultimate in-frame graphic technology! The display is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached to the frame. The versatility of the Xpressions display allows you to change graphics easily in the field. The portable, lightweight frame makes your display set-up a SNAP! No tools or event labor required. Simply grasp evenly with both hands the right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift upward. Larger frames can be slowly spread open on the floor until the connectors "SNAP". The display is so lightweight it can then be lifted to the upright position. Breakdown is even easier. Simply grasp the frame firmly and apply pressure downward. If your display is outfitted with yellow Auto-Locks, simply disconnect and offset before breakdown. Xpressions SNAP! pop up display and benefit from its no questions asked lifetime frame warranty! Xpressions lights, cases, available option

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