What is Xpressions Pop Up Trade Show Displays?

Posted by youhuge on Jun 8th 2018

Xpressions® SNAP 

Xpressions® SNAP™ is the ultimate in frame-graphic technology!

Create a stunning 3-dimensional display to increase your sales - in a SNAP!Thirteen standard frames and unlimited custom possibilities, three planes for integrated graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a visual playground to create dramatic effects. Xpressions® offers endless design possibilities!

The Xpressions® frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached.
The portable, lightweight frame makes your display set-up a SNAP!. No tools or event labor required. With both hands, evenly grasp the right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift upward. Strong magnetic connectors “SNAP” lock the frame automatically within seconds! The versatility of this frame allows you to change graphics in the field easily, creating a totally fresh display. The Xpressions® SNAP! is truly unlike any display!

Xpressions® has various lines in the product family.
Below is a synopsis of how you can extend Xpressions® to meet your needs.

  • SNAP frame
    • Fast In and Fast Out
    • Easy skin change out for message updates branding swap
    • Perfect for remote staff; upgrade all your reps by shipping replacement graphics in an envelope
    • Compact, lightweight and easy to travel with
    • 3Dimensional look
    • High quality shelves and frames
    • Lifetime guarantee on hardware
    • Brilliant dye sublimated fabric graphic skins
    • Machine washable graphic skins
  • SNAP frame

    Xpressions®CONNEX transforms your SNAP frame with a simple clip on the hub and the addition of a trapezoid and square connecting shelf along with the original rectangular shelf.

    Connect the frames at different angles or in straight lines to add yet another dimension. Dynamic connecting skins are used in combination with the connecting shelves to create dramatic inline spaces, concave and convex configurations. Even create octagon islands for events.

  • SNAP frame

    Xpressions®PUSHTHRU will complete your display - Hassle Free!

    Use Xpressions®PUSHTHRU to create 90 degrees of message to your display; to assist as directional and welcome solutions, or to add accent to your marketing design. Continue your marketing message by choosing from many different PUSHTHRUskin designs and have a different PUSHTHRU skin up each day of the show.

  • SNAP frame

    SALESMATE is a great support tool that can be used to showcase two or more important product facts while promoting product and company brand awareness.

    It sets up in five seconds or less and collapses even faster! Easy graphic change out makes customized visits a snap. If you choose recycled graphics option graphics are composed of 88% recycled material made from soda bottles. With these options SALESMATE has a far lower carbon footprint than the typical bulky pop-ups.

  • SNAP frame

    Pull Xpressions®SNAP display from it's case and pop it up! A complete display in less than a minute.

    What's this extra step? Plug it in? When you outfit your SNAP! display with LED LightBoxes there is one more simple step! Xpressions® has been turning heads and defining event spaces in a complete hassle-free package since its debut. Add the power of light to grab attention and create ambiance at events, and it's still hassle-free as the LED LightBox is installed on the frame.

  • SNAP frame

    With Xpressions®SHEER you can create depth and imagery more in-tune with environmental exhibit design and provide your designers with elements to drive your brand.

    Create a more comfortable setting for face-to-face engagement at your next show. SHEER pop-ups can be key components in environments by creating backdrops, space definition or vertical elements in your space design. Add Xpressions®SNAP! skins to the front plane of an existing display to bring a fresh new look.

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