The Perfect Table Top Trade Show Display for Events

Posted by youhuge on Jun 13th 2018

SALESMATE™ is the perfect sales tool for any application requiring a brand or product identifier.

The best traveling sales and branding presentation tool on the market. Download More Information

Simple set-up and breakdown.

You can pop this frame up, with the graphics in place, in literally just a few seconds. Don’t believe it? Watch the set-up video to see just how easy it really is.

Graphic/Message changes are super easy.

Order new graphics, unhook the old, slip on the new. Done. You can customize, alter and refresh your message in between use with ease.


Lightweight, compact AND very durable for repeated use. SALESMATE will enhance a presentation but not slow down the presenter. It is the ideal ultra-portable display.

Xpressions SNAP Pop up display is the ultimate in frame-graphic technology! Create a stunning 3-dimensional display to increase your sales... in a SNAP! Twelve standard frames, two planes for integrated Dye Sublimation graphics, and infinite configurations, offer you a visual playground to create dramatic effects. Xpressions offers endless design possibilities!

The Xpressions frame is shipped with the fabric skins fully attached. The portable, lightweight frame makes your display set-up a SNAP!™. No tools or event labor required. With both hands, evenly grasp the right and left side of the center quad within the frame, then gently lift upward. Strong magnetic connectors "SNAP" lock the frame automatically within seconds! Xpressions SNAP! and benefit from its no questions asked lifetime frame warranty!

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