Expand Grand Fabric Trade Show Display System

Posted by youhuge on Jun 6th 2018

Expand Grand Fabric Trade Show Display System

A portable and modular display solution – developed to cover all your exhibition and event needs.

An event & exhibition system that puts your visuals in focus
With the Expand GrandFabric system you can easily create extraordinary display solutions every time you use it - for your exhibition, branding activities and other events where you meet your clients and prospects.

Flexible and easy to transport
This modular and portable system is extremely flexible thanks to its lightweight aluminum structure that is covered with high quality fabric. The dye sub print renders your image perfectly and exposes your message in two directions. The modules are available in different sizes, both straight and curved. Connect several wall modules and create a stand - add storage and accessories as spotlights, shelves and multimedia - and transport everything in your car.

Just as perfect for the large world exhibition as for the sales event in the mall.

See what you can create with three wall modules - more than 10 configurations 

With three wall modules you get up to six surfaces to communicate your brand and message.
Create a backwall, a snake, a T configuration, an open island, an L or a U shaped stand. 

Expand GrandFabric Kits for 10' x 10' Booths Size: 118 1/4" wide, 94 1/2" tall, 22 1/2" depth

Weight: 71 lbs. 

  • Compact and easy to ship 10x10 kits with lightweight, foldable fabric graphics
  • All configurations are complete, no extra parts needed and no hidden costs
  • Simple, streamlined set-up. Smart and easy-to-follow instructions using only one or zero tools
  • Wide range of accessories available, including shelves, brochure holders, lights, monitor holders and more

Add storage space - and get endless of possibilities

With a 1 sqm storage space you get even more options to create different stands and display solutions.
The modules that are used for building the storage can be connected to all the Expand GrandFabric wall modules - or be used separately as stand-alone backwalls. This gives you even more possibilities to configure creative stands that you can use for future exhibitions and event activities.

Create spaces or a room with a roof

The modules can also be set up horizontally and be used as roof modules.
The different connectors and feet allows you to create spaces and rooms, i.e. if you want to have a lounge area or a meeting room for your customers and prospects, in your stand.

Raise your brand with a hanging display

If you want to make sure to be seen at the exhibition - communicate your message above the crowd.
The versatile Expand GrandFabric modules can also be used as hanging ceiling displays. Available in a triangular-, circular- and rectangular shape.

 See all modules, accessories and more Expand GrandFabric configurations »

Download the Expand GrandFabric system product leaflet »

Add your accessories

Accessories available for the Expand GrandFabric system:
- Monitor holder: max weight 6 kg up to 32"
- Brochure holder: max load 2 kg
- Small shelf: max load 3 kg
- Table: max load 15 kg
- Full length shelf: max load 8 kg (only available for 147 cm straight module)
- Spotlights

Create your configuration
Mix and match the wall modules - available both straight and curved. All modules can be connected to one another with the different feet and connector options. Add the accessories you want - storage, shelves, spotlights, table and multimedia.

Easy to set up

Easy to transport - pack your Expand GrandFabric system in our transport box, the Expand PodiumCase

The Expand PodiumCase is a two-in-one solution. The practical transport box on wheels also serves as a spacious counter.
Two smaller or one large wall module fits into one box. Learn more about the Expand PodiumCase »

Download the Expand GrandFabric Design Guidelines »  EGF_Design_Guidelines_2016.pdf (3 415 kB)

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