International Orders

For International Orders, please contact customer service.

(International Orders will be anything outside the US.)

Can You Ship to an International Address?

Yes, we ship almost anywhere in the world! Contact us and we will quote your project and shipping cost..

NOTE: Because of the high cost of international shipping, we WILL NOT be responsible for return shipping FOR ANY REASON. That means if it arrives broken, or we shipped you the wrong thing, or you want to return it, you will be paying for the return shipping.


Also note that in many countries there are substantial import duties, taxes, customs or brokerage fees. We do NOT have anything to do with these fees. In most cases these fees are levied by your own government. Please understand these fees in advance -- realizing at the last minute that you don't want to pay your country's import duties is NOT a legitimate reason for canceling your order.

To be clear, let's look at an example scenario: You order a part that costs $50 USD. The shipping on it (UPS Worldwide Expedited) is $100 USD, for a total order of $150 USD. It arrives at your local UPS depot and your government wants to collect $100 of tax. You decide that's too much, and you refuse the package. WE WILL NOT REFUND the cost of your shipping (the shipping has already happened and we cannot get that money back), nor will we refund the price of the item, since the return shipping costs more than the item is worth.

We realize that in many countries these taxes are extremely high and seem unfair. We suggest you lobby your state's leaders for more free trade and lower trade barriers. We will NOT falsify shipping records or declare merchandise as "gifts" to try to get around import duties. (Sorry.)

International Returns

International shipping is extremely expensive, making shipping a major component of any international order. Because of the high cost, and the uncertainty of returns, any return shipping for international orders -- REGARDLESS of reason or fault -- will be at the expense of the customer. Please understand this before you place an international order.
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